UNIMI, Italy

Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy

The University of Milan is one of the major universities in Italy, both for the size of its teaching staff and its consolidated standing in the field of research.

The quality and potential of the research projects have given the University international standing and it is the only Italian university to be a member of LERU - League of European Research Universities - the prestigious organisation that unites twenty major European universities involved in the field of research.

Our University is ranked 7th out of the major European universities in terms of scientific production (in the 2007 ranking by the University of Leiden). The extensive scientific literature and the products and innovations resulting from its research activities have generated patents, which have laid the foundations for the creation of 25 spin-off businesses that are backed directly by the University.

Furthermore, our university is located in one of the most highly industrialised areas of Europe, in a competitive entrepreneurial environment that is a part of a worldwide business network.

In such a context, the progress of knowledge goes hand in hand with the transfer of results to the world of production. For this reason, the University, with its knowledge and skills, assumes an increasingly significant role in strengthening company competitiveness via innovation processes.

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