Douglas Connect, Switzerland

Douglas Connect have many years' experience in scientific research, informatics, education and marketing, and have been involved in organising scientific, communication and knowledge management projects and solutions since 1995. Douglas Connect is a Swiss SME based close to Basel, a heart of European chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology life in the Biovalley region.

Douglas Connect specialises in R&D communities and networks, collaboration solutions, and consulting and training on topics of relevance to the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Douglas Connect currently serves as Project Coordinator of OpenTox which is developing an Open Source Predictive Toxicology Framework for the management of toxicology data, models and validation, and is funded under the EC’s Seventh Framework Program: HEALTH-2007-1.3-3 Promotion, development, validation, acceptance and implementation of QSARs (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships) for toxicology, Project Reference Number Health-F5-2008-200787 (2008-2011).

DC also runs the following networks of relevance to this project: The eCheminfo Network and Community of Practice is dedicated to the communication of research and development of best practices in cheminformatics, bioinformatics and modelling involving the chemical, life science and pharmaceutical industries, vendors, research institutes, universities and government. InnovationWell is a network of experts, researchers and executives with a common interest in innovation and knowledge management in the healthcare sector. The Community’s program has the goal of achieving improved outcomes in healthcare service and product safety, development & delivery through cross-disciplinary use of innovative technologies, knowledge-based strategies and supporting integrated and semantic-based informatics systems.