Drug Discovery Canada 2015

Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications
Drug discovery workshop, Toronto, Canada 2015
Event Date: 
Mon, 24. Aug. 2015 to Fri, 28. Aug. 2015
Event Place: 
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, Canada

Scientists Against Malaria: Finding New Treatments by Combining Drug Design, Computational System Biology, and Toxicity Predictions

August 24- 28, 2015
Toronto, Canada

a Hands-on 5 Day eCheminfo Workshop Week

Co-organised by Scientists Against Malaria and Centre for Collaborative Drug Research.

→ World-class experts in Malaria research and method development in the field of rational drug design, cheminformatics, computational structure and system biology will chair sessions on different aspects of the drug design process.


→ Our limited understanding of the pathogenesis of Malaria imposes many challenges on the development of better treatments as showcased by Ian Crandall in his introductory talk.

→ Raymond Hui and Jürgen Bosch demonstrate how to target specifically protein kinases and the invasion machinery of the Malaria parasite.

→ The influences of drugs on the biological pathways and networks will be predicted under the guidance of Krishnan Mahadevan

→ How to accelerate the design process by facilitate the use and interplay of state-of-the-art tools starting from target identification over homology modeling, virtual screening, toxicity prediction, molecular simulation up to network modeling will be covered in the sessions of Alessandro Contini, Nicolas Moitessier, Paul Hawkins, and Tim Dudgeon.

Do not miss this opportunity to work through and discuss case studies, practical examples, methods and emerging techniques with leading modelling experts!

Drug Discovery Workshop Poster Session

There will be a poster session at the 2015 Canada Drug Discovery Workshop. As in previous years all workshop participants are encourage to present a poster.