Anopheles albimanus

Anopheles albimanus mosquito, malaria vector

Anopheles albimanus it is one of the main vectors of malaria in Central America, northern South America and the Caribbean. On the Atlantic coast it is found from Texas to Venezuela, on most of the Caribbean islands and on the Pacific coast, from Mexico to northern Peru.

Anopheles latens

Anopheles latens mosquito, malaria vector

The Anopheles latens mosquito (part of the An. leucosphyrus group) is an important vector for the transmission of malaria in humans and monkeys in Southeast Asia. It is an important vector for the transmission of human malaria in Sarawak; but because it is attracted to both humans and to macaques it is also responsible for the transmission of simian malarias to humans (Plasmodium knowlesi and possibly P. inui as well).

Anopheles atroparvus

Anopheles atroparvus mosquito, malaria vector

Anopheles atroparvus belongs to the A. maculipennis species complex. Anopheles atroparvus is distributed in northern and western Europe, Spain, Portugal and northern Italy and was one of the main malaria vectors in Europe.